Becoming A Christian

Becoming a Christian is both easy and difficult. It can happen in a moment, but it also takes a lifetime.

Christians believe that the world and everything in it were created by a loving and gracious God. The clearest demonstration of God’s love for the world is found in his son, Jesus. Everything we need to know about God can be found in Jesus.

Jesus calls us to follow him. This is what being a Christian is all about.

How Do You Begin?

It starts with admitting your need for God’s grace and forgiveness. We’ve all made mistakes along the way, and we know that we’re not strong enough or smart enough or good enough to be all that we should be. We need help. The good news is that God wants to help us. That’s why he sent Jesus.

Next, you believe in Jesus. Believing in Jesus involves several things:

  • Jesus is our teacher. He tells us what we need to know about ourselves, one another, the world, and God.
  • Jesus is our model. He shows us the way that God wants us to live—a life of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and service.
  • Jesus is our savior. His death, burial, and resurrection offer us the forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life.
  • Jesus is our Lord. He is worthy of our utmost respect, honor, and obedience.

Finally, you become a part of a community of faith so that you can share your love of Jesus with others.

Does all this make sense? If so, then come and join us on our journey of following Jesus.

But if you’re still a little uncertain, then come talk to us. We would love to hear your questions, and we’ll even make this promise: we won’t put any pressure on you or make you uncomfortable. We believe the best way to share our faith is by giving others the opportunity to start this journey at their own pace.